Dr. Padula's approach to health and performance is influenced by three major factors: his experience as an elite rower, his exposure to and understanding of different healing practices, and his direct care of patients in a wide range of illnesses and settings.
As a competitive rower, Dr. Padula optimized his performance by challenging the limits of his body, and improving his body's ability to recover from those intense challenges. These extreme athletic experiences have provided him with an in-depth understanding of how to work with the body and the mind. As a physician, Dr. Padula completed extensive and broad medical training. He possesses extensive experience within the medical system where he provided direct care to patients of all ages, in various health stages, in and out of hospital settings. In his pursuit to access a more complete understanding of the body and the interrelated, he expanded his knowledge base by studying the many alternative healing arts and other factors that affect an individual's health.
As someone whose vision of healthcare can be best described as integrative and comprehensive, Dr. Padula wants to lead his patients and clients toward a new approach to taking care of their health and well-being. It can be summarized as follows:

1. Redefine and simplify health.

    • What is health?
    • Does being healthy mean that you are not sick at the moment?
    • Health is more than the absence of disease.
    • What does your health mean to you and how are you addressing it?
There is an overwhelming and continual increase of health and medical information in the marketplace and in cyberspace. Much of what is available is of questionable quality and often presents contradictory conclusions. How does an individual sift through and find what he or she needs? No one person can.
Dr. Padula's extensive knowledge of health and experience in the medical system enables him to cull relevant information that help him provide concise and appropriate recommendations to each individual client. This customized approach allows for ongoing improvement of the clients' health literacy as well as medical knowledge.

2. Your body is your guide.

    • How well do you know your body?
    • Do you understand the signals it gives you? Do you listen to them?
    • Refine your instincts with your body.
    • Learn how to interpret and trust what it tells you.
As an elite athlete, Dr. Padula got very well acquainted with the inner workings of his body. He learned to listen to his body's needs, not to generic health information and athletic training. As a physician, he shares his knowledge and insights to facilitate and deepen his clients' understanding of their own body. He firmly believes that his clients reveal to him how to best care for them.

3. Take charge of your health or someone else will.

    • Are you taking charge of your health on a daily basis?
    • What are you doing to focus on prevention and long-term performance?
The current medical system is reactive, not proactive. When you are beset with an illness, you will find yourself negotiating a bureaucratic maze that will lead you to multiple medical settings and laborious testing processes. The current medical system is about caring at crisis moments, and rationing resources in managing large populations. When treating a patient's disease, it distributes a very small slice of resources to address the many factors that can affect an individual's health—lifestyle, work life, genetics, environment, etc.
If you want your body to perform for you, if you want to maximize its potential, you need to take charge of your health, engage the challenges that arise, and focus on the goal of wellness.