Anthony S. Padula, M.D., is a San Francisco-based physician who leads clients into changing their life performance by engaging their health. Dr. Padula's vision includes achieving a higher level of wellness by simplifying health strategies and improving his clients understanding of their body. He works closely with each client to confront the daily challenges that affect each individual's health.
Dr. Padula is triple-board-certified in adult medicine (formerly known as internal medicine), pediatrics and rheumatology. He trained as a rheumatology fellow at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and practices as a rheumatologist at the Northern California Arthritis Center in Walnut Creek. Dr. Padula has worked with and treated patients of all ages, from pre-term infancy to the elderly years, in a wide range of settings: from the ICUs (Intensive Care Units) to the outpatient offices. He has followed the life cycle and has developed an in-depth understanding of health and a comprehensive approach to healthcare.
Dr. Padula brings to his clients a combination of extensive medical training and experience as an elite athlete. His time as a competitive rower included years of intense training, which was culminated when—as captain and stroke of Brown University's varsity squad—he led Brown to an undefeated season and winning its first national championship ever, in any sport. It was also the first time a team accomplished winning the Triple Crown of rowing. His team capped off the perfect 1993 season by winning the Ladies' Plates at the Royal Henley Regatta.
Dr. Padula is dedicated to helping each client take charge of his or her health. He empowers his clients by deepening their understanding of their body as well as consolidating and managing their medical records. He advises clients as they navigate the medical system; he designs and continually refines a personalized program that focuses on treatment, prevention, and optimal performance.