We all recognize that being healthy is a crucial component in our ability to honor daily commitments to our family, our friends, our careers, and ourselves, as well as our ability to meet daily challenges that arise. Yet, most of us do not attend to our health until an illness surfaces. Caught by surprise, we struggle to navigate the healthcare maze and scramble to understand many influencing factors, which include genetics, human biology, lifestyle, and environment.
Dr. Padula believes that we each need to take charge of our health and begin achieving a higher level of wellness. We accomplish this by simplifying our health strategy, articulating our goals, and managing our health records.


Change is not easy. The first step is often the hardest. To help get you started, Dr. Padula has created a one-page HEALTH SUMMARY that he believes each individual should possess. The payoff is more than you know. By taking this first step you will have made a statement that your health is important. You will have improved your understanding of your medical history and provided information that will allow you to obtain more efficient care from all of your health providers.
It's not easy, but it's simple! Take charge and complete this one-page Health Summary.
Dr. Padula views health as the combination of mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being. Dr. Padula helps clients engage in daily challenges that affect their health. He works closely with each client to treat his/her illnesses, and to create a health plan that focuses on preventive measures and on achievement of long-term performance. This pro-active health plan includes helping clients simplify and manage their health records, and tracking each individual client's health progress and performance.
To obtain more information about how Dr. Padula can help you take charge of your health and design a customized plan, please contact us at info@drpadula.com or at 415.552.3995.


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